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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Delights Fans With Her McDonald’s Merry Menu

Maybe you don’t want a lot for Christmas. Maybe it’s just some food you need. Maybe you  only have to spend a dollar at McDonald’s and get something from Mariah Carey for free! McDonald’s latest collaboration is with the Queen of Christmas. Mariah Carey will be giving away 1 featured item from the menu when customers spend at least a dollar.

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The Frito-Lay Brand’s Famous Hot Cheeto Faces Discontinuation

The phrase “quitting time” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last two years, and who knew the affects of this resignation error would affect our snacks. Frito-Lay has recently had to put rumors of the discontinuation of their popular snack brand to rest when the Hot Cheetos brand reported a shortage of supplies…

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Grand Recorders Studio Remix’s it’s Purpose As Grandmaster Restaurant

One person’s trash can be another person’s treasured dining experience. I’ll assume that’s the disposition Australian entrepreneurs Grant Smillie and David Combes of Botanical Hospitality Group had when they decided to add the historic Grand Recorders Studio to their list of large luxury dining venues.  

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No Cooking, No Clean-Up: Places to Buy Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving signifies the end of the year and for most, it’s the designated time to  acknowledge exhaustion, further more, the remedy to exhaustion isn’t standing in lines at the grocery store fighting people for the last tin-foil pan or attempting to try any other type of cranberry sauce other then ocean spray.  

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The Coffee Bean Releases Two Blended Holiday Drinks That Slap (A Review)

Tis’ the season for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf holiday menu, reminding us it’s time to get into the spirit, break out the Mariah Carey Christmas album and blast it until Valentine’s Day. And what better way to enjoy the holiday other than with flavorful espressos, latte, coffee blends and much more?

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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Will Now Be Giving Two Free Donuts To The COVID-19 Vaccinated Instead Of One

Since March of 2021 Krispy Kreme has been using their delicious original glazed donut to lure people into getting their COVID-19 vaccination, incentivizing those who are reluctant. This Labor Day weekend the major donut franchise will be doubling their incentivization, offering two free glazed donuts to those who are COVID-19 vaccinated.

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Apple Crisp Macchiato

Starbucks New Apple Crisp Macchiato Is The Newest Challenger For Their Pumpkin Spice

Move over pumpkin spice, apple crisp is here and has the potential to become the new favorite flavor of the fall season. Today (August 24) Starbucks debuted their newest latte option, the Apple Crisp Macchiato. Since its release the new apple themed drink has amassed a major buzz, and is now the latest hot topic in the foodie community. 

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Fans Can’t Wait For The New Saweetie Meal At McDonald’s

Last week, McDonald’s announced that their newest celebrity partnership would be with Saweetie and the signature Saweetie meal would be released on Monday (August 9). Now The Saweetie Meal may seem ordinary, consisting of only a Big Mac, 4-piece nuggets, fries and Sprite, but if you eat it how Saweetie would then it hardly is. Even the meal’s exclusive dipping sauce, Saweetie ‘N Sour, seems like it has an extra oomph that McDonald’s traditional sweet ‘n sour may be lacking.

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Paris Hilton's

Paris Hilton’s Netflix Series ‘Cooking With Paris’ Is Totally Hot

The entrepreneurial Ms. Hilton is ping-ponging back to reality TV, or in this case reality streaming, as she headlines her latest series “Cooking With Paris.” Paris Hilton’s Netflix series, which first began last year as a YouTube series by the same name, features the “That’s Hot” catchphrase originator cooking in grandiose gowns and high fashion.

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Our Favorite Vegan Mama Tabitha Brown Now Has Her Own McCormick Seasoning

Ms. Tabitha always adds extra flavor to every dish with her special seasonings, and now you can flavor up your food just like she does with her new McCormick Sunshine All Purpose Seasoning! Tabitha Brown announced her partnership with McCormick and the launch of her tropical seasoning on Wednesday (June 23).

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Is Rick Ross’ Thighstop The Future?

Watching the self-appointed national Wingstop ambassador and multiple Wingstop owner Rick Ross declare that Wingstop will be selling chicken thighs due to the U.S. chicken wing shortage was comical yet intriguing. Comical because eating wing tossed chicken thighs seems like something that would be in a “Saturday Night Live” skit, intriguing because who wouldn’t want to try a crispy wing tossed chicken thigh? After Wingstop announced on Monday ( June 21) that they’d be launching their groundbreaking new brand Thighstop, and Rick Ross’ flashy Thighstop commercial dropped, people were rushing to their nearest Wingstop. 

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Vegan Dessert Shop Cinnaholic Opens a New Location in Long Beach

On Friday (May 21) the vegan cinnamon roll shop Cinnaholic opened up a new location in Long Beach, CA. The newest Cinnaholic is the fourth southern California location, the other locations currently existing in Brea, Echo Park and Corona. Cinnaholic, a healthy guilt-free vegan cinnamon roll brand that is also cholesterol-free, offers specialized unique cinnamon rolls with customizable flavors. With over 20 different flavors, fresh and decadent toppings, Cinnaholic is outdoing many other vegan bakery competitors.

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Oreo doughnut

Krispy Kreme Teams Up With Oreo To Launch New Oreo Doughnut

Alongside their variations of sweet round treats, what makes Krispy Kreme so favorable is their seasonal offerings. This season the chain partners with the Oreo cookie brand, launching their first ever Oreo glazed doughnut! Krispy Kreme’s new Oreo Cookie Glazed Doughnut and Oreo Cookie Over-The-Top Doughnut is the remedy to any sweet craving, consisting of actual Oreo cookie pieces and Oreo infused glaze icing.

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KIND Snacks

KIND Snacks Is Launching A New Vegan Ice Cream Line

KIND Snacks has now incorporated guilt-free ice cream into their brand, and will be launching a new vegan ice cream line for dairy-free fans everywhere. Cherry Cashew, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Pistachio, Coffee Hazelnut, and Caramel Almond Sea Salt are the 7 delicious ice cream flavors that KIND will offer.

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Popular Social Media Baker Kelsey Hairston Creates Cake Art With Cakes By Kelsey

Kelsey Hairston, CEO of Virginia based bakery Cakes By Kelsey, is crafting intricate cakes and delicate cupcakes that will stand out at any event or party. Cakes By Kelsey will capture your attention immediately after watching her tempting cake building tutorial videos on her Instagram. The enticing videos will persuade you to make the purchase of a decadent dessert from the growing cakery.

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UCLA Launches On-Campus Robot Delivery Service Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Contactless deliveries have been extremely helpful during the pandemic, ensuring the safety of frontline workers and consumers by eliminating physical contact between the deliverers and receivers. Since contactless deliveries being the most pertinent within the food industry, UCLA has taken contactless food deliveries to the next level with the utilization of robots.

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