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‘ATL 2: ‘The Homecoming’ Is Long Overdue And Highly Anticipated

After 15 years, the cult classic 2006 movie ATL is finally getting a well deserved and much-awaited sequel. The ATL 2: “The Homecoming” trailer that was released on Friday (August 27) caused much excitement among fans, opened floodgates for nostalgia and created more anticipation for the upcoming film. Seeing the original cast members—T.I., Lauren London,…

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Annie Live!

Taraji P. Henson is the New Ms. Hannigan in NBC’s ‘Annie Live!’

NBC’s new upcoming Annie Live! will feature Taraji P. Henson as the infamous orphanage caretaker we all hate to love. On Tuesday (June 8) NBC announced that the academy award winning actress will be playing the role of villainous Ms. Hannigan in their live version of the famed musical. Henson has always dominated each role…

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Ginny and Georgia

Four Questions That Need To Be Answered In “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2

While Ginny is dealing with the highs and lows of teenagehood, Georgia is battling her own childhood trauma while simultaneously scheming to provide a stable life for her children. Throughout the first season of “Ginny and Georgia” viewers were left with many “OMG!” moments—one being that Georgia murdered two of her husbands for understandable reasons—and some lingering questions. As a “Ginny and Georgia” fan myself there are 5 questions that I, and I’m sure other fans, need answered in the upcoming second season. 

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LeBron James

LeBron James Puts A Digital Spin On The Classic “Space Jam”

After 25 years the sequel to the 1996 film “Space Jam,” starring NBA legend Michael Jordan, has finally arrived and is starring LeBron James. In the upcoming summer film “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” the cult classic 1996 movie is revamped, including many of the same aspects that made “Space Jam” such a smash hit.

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Lauren London Stars Alongside Michael B. Jordan In Upcoming Film ‘Without Remorse’

On Wednesday (March 3) the full movie trailer was released, showcasing London as the pregnant wife of Michael B. Jordan. Seeing London in the trailer was a nice surprise, adding a deeper level of interest to the movie since this is her first movie appearance in three years. Michael B. Jordan gingerly kissing London’s pregnant belly is the calmest part of the trailer, foreshadowing a terrible occurrence that leads Jordan on a warpath. 

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Paramount+ Drops A Teaser Of The ‘iCarly’ Reboot

Paramount+ releases the teaser of the new “iCarly” reboot, starring majority of the original main cast. The “iCarly” series originally aired on Nickelodeon from 2007-2012. “iCarly” is a comedy that centers around three friends rising to internet fame as popular hosts and producers of the web series “iCarly” while still being normal everyday kids.  News…

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Ava DuVernay Helps Make Hollywood More Diverse with The Launch of ARRAY CREW

Over the last few years Hollywood has been making a stronger effort to be more inclusive. Since the creation of the 2015 hashtag #OscarSoWhite —a cultural movement that spotlights the lack of diversity in Hollywood— Hollywood has been attempting to restructure the entertainment industry to be less homogenous.

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