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“I’ve always believed that the most extraordinary results occur only when one feels unbound by any notion of constraint or limitation.”

– Pat McGrath


Should Highlighter Be Retired Now That Natural 90’s Makeup Is Back?

Dial back the time to circa 2015, you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a beauty influencer creating what has now been dubbed the “IG Baddie” makeup look. A few years ago, between 2015-2018, your makeup wasn’t considered poppin’ unless it was sharply contoured and accentuated with an exaggerated highlight technique.

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Australian Beauty Artist Criss Scortezz “Preferred” Beauty Method Gains Popularity On Social Media

Unlike the typical triangle under eye highlighting technique, Scortezz’s “preferred method” only places concealer on the outer edge and inner edge of the under eye while maintaining space in between. Additionally, concealer also is placed down the sides of the nose to give the it a “natural contour,” according to Scortezz. This way of concealing…

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