Celebrity Dance Choreographer Sean Bankhead “Up” Dance Tutorial Goes Viral


Ever since Cardi B dropped the visual for her new single “Up” social media has been going crazy over the song AND the dance choreography. “Up” choreographer Sean Bankhead has made it easier to learn the steps with him doing a breakdown of each move! 

Bankhead’s “Up” tutorial is now just as popular as the #UpChallenge! People all over Instagram and TikTok are posting themselves doing the “Up” choreography to the sound of Bankhead’s vocals, hitting each count the way Bankhead directed in the original video.

Some dancers have effortlessly replicated the “Up” choreography, however it took others a bit longer to grasp, including Cardi B. Back in Feb. when the “Up” music video dropped, Cardi B opened up about her struggles with the choreography in a behind the scenes video series. 

As reported by NME, “Cardi complains about her knees while practicing her moves in 23 days into rehearsal, as noted by her choreographer Sean Bankhead. “If you think I’m [motherf-king] Megan Thee Stallion, then that’s a problem!” she yells at a crew member. “These the worst knees ever.”

Even though some people may have become aware of Bankhead and his twerk heavy choreography through Cardi B’s “Up,” he has been the go-to pro-choreographer for many years. Bankhead got his start the industry by backup dancing for Beyoncé.

According to Billboard, “When he [Bankhead] turned 17, his family moved to Atlanta in hopes of fast-tracking his dance career; his first week there, he auditioned for Ciara’s “Goodies” video. Though he didn’t get the part, his best friend, choreographer JaQuel Knight, led him to an even bigger opportunity: dancing with Beyoncé to “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” on The Tyra Banks Show.”

Since then, “Bankhead has created signature moves for the music industry’s biggest artist. Missy Elliot, Fifth Harmony, Ciara, Erykah Badu, are just some of the talent Bankhead has worked with over the years,” according to 11 Alive. 

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