Hit 90’s Sitcom ‘Saved By The Bell’ Is Being Rebooted

Saved By The Bell

The rebooted “Save By The Bell” series will air on Peacock TV on 11/25! The cast will consist of young new faces intertwined with original cast members. Elizabeth Berkley, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez will be reprising their roles as Jessie Spano,  Zack Morris and AC Slater.

The three alumni from the fictional high school Bayside are now all back at Bayside High as accomplished adults.

Zack is the new California Governor and father of popular Bayside High student Mac Morris, played by Mitchell Hoog.  Jessie is the Bayside High’s new guidance counselor, and Slater is the new cool gym teacher at Bayside. Jessie is also the mother of Bayside High student Jamie Spano, played by Belmont Cameli.

The reboot also features new characters like Aisha, played by Alycia Pascual Pena and Lexi, played by Josie Totah.

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