“Depending on the story that you’re telling, you can be relatable to everybody or nobody. I try and tell everybody’s story.”

– Chance The Rapper


P-Lo and E-40 link up for new west coast banger ‘Again.’

Muni Long and Ann Marie’s hot collab resulted in the dope track ‘No R&B.’

John Givez keeps it chill and sexy with ‘No Ceilings.’



Madi Rindge May Look Indie Rock, But She Sings Alternative R&B

At an initial glance, Madi Rindge looks like your typical LA woman from a beach city who would probably be singing indie rock opposed to R&B. But as the old adage goes, “looks can be deceiving,” especially in Rindge’s case. Rindge is a downright alt R&B singer, and that’s the type of music she produces. 

Oreos: You Can Dip Them, Lick Them and Air Fry Them

There is practically nothing that you could do to Oreos to make them less appetizing—unless you were bent on doing so—however there are ways to enhance their deliciousness. According to the latest TikTok trend, if you air fry your Oreos you’ll take your cookie eating experience up a notch. 

What’s in the News?

  • #BoycottStarbucks, A Response To Starbucks Revoking Their Vax Policy
    Some Starbucks drinkers aren’t thrilled that the brand is reneging on requiring their U.S. employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The franchised coffee corporation reversing their vaccination policy for employees was in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s rejective ruling last week, according to ABC 7.
  • Dylan Gonzalez Suffers From PTSD After Allegedly Being Raped by Trey Songz
    R&B singer Trey Songz alleged sexual assault victim Dylan Gonzalez maintains her story, and continues to be an ally to others who are sexual assault survivors.
  • Remember Clay Aiken from ‘American Idol’? He’s Running For Congress Again
    Ever wondered what happened to Clay Aiken from season two of the reality singing competition American Idol? Well, if you ever have at one point then you’ll probably be shocked to learn that he is now involved in politics.
  • All 2022 We Must Beware of the Omarion Variant and ‘Flurona’
    Buckle up everybody because it looks like this year might be a bumpy ride, just like 2020-2021. Just when you thought the second decade of the new millennium couldn’t get any wilder, BAM here comes the “flurona.” 
  • Are New Year’s Resolutions Yay or Nay?
    Congratulations! If you are reading this then that means you survived another year, making it through a second year of COVID-19 alongside it’s variants, a tumultuous job market and another year of uncertainty. An abundance of people have had their lives reformed and remodeled during 2021, some for better while others for worse.
  • Protestors Challenge New York’s Indoor Dining Mandate at Local Burger King
    Anti-vaxxers are back causing a ruckus in New York, but instead of causing discord at the Cheesecake Factory, they ignited dismay at a Burger King in Brooklyn on Monday night. Attempting to fight New York’s vaccine mandate, protesters stormed the Burger King mask-less.

New Music Generation

  • EXCLUSIVE: Kota the Friend Gets Real About His Artistry and Allegations
    Hip Hop artist Kota the Friend has a distinctive creativity that is eminent in every song that he produces. Throughout his discography, Kota the Friend has designed dope records that have exhibited his transparent and self-reflective nature. 
  • Love ‘Hrs and Hrs’ by Muni Long? Then Check Out These 5 Songs by Her
    In life there will be certain songs that will remain on constant repeat in your mind, taking up space within your head rent free. Hrs and Hrs by Muni Long are one of those songs. 
  • From Madonna to Saucy Santana—The Legacy of ‘Material Girl’
    Lately almost every other viral video on social media has included Saucy Santana’s snappy song Material Girl as the background music for short-video visuals. Throughout 2021 Santana’s bass-filled single was the theme song, and still remains to be in 2022, for any high-maintenance girl (or boy) that enjoys the luxurious lifestyle.
  • We Need The Dope New Singles That Baby Tate is Teasing on TikTok
    “I’m a petty a** b***h don’t try me,” are eight words that Baby Tate, formerly known as Yung Baby Tate, is definitely living by. The hip hop artist is not the one to be played with, and will clapback at anyone who tries to downplay her or her long-standing music career.
  • River Tiber Finally Drops A New R&B Track, and it’s Glorious
    A new serenade from the tuneful Canadian singer River Tiber is finally here. His newest single Sent from Above is enrapturing, putting anyone who listens at-risk of spiraling down a tunnel of emotions that revolve around the idea of love. Finding it, appreciating it, admiring it—that sorta thing. 
  • 4Hunnid’s Leading Lady Day Sulan is a Hip Hop Star in the Making
    The first lady of YG’s rap label 4Hunnid Day Sulan is slowly blowing up on the hip hop scene, gaining more fans with each new rap single and sexy twerk-filled performance. Transitioning from the exotic dance world into the music one, Day Sulan holds her own as a rapper, strongly standing out among other upcoming women hip hop stars.

Act Up Your Brand With ACHDA

  • Nikosi Is An Afrocentric Artist That Creates Socially Conscious Music
    Nikosi is an afrocentric music artist that intersects the African-diasporic culture with hip hop to create powerful conscious records. With his roots in multiple places throughout the world, Nikosi derives much of his musical influences from African, Jamaican and American heritage. 
  • Madi Rindge May Look Indie Rock, But She Sings Alternative R&B
    At an initial glance, Madi Rindge looks like your typical LA woman from a beach city who would probably be singing indie rock opposed to R&B. But as the old adage goes, “looks can be deceiving,” especially in Rindge’s case. Rindge is a downright alt R&B singer, and that’s the type of music she produces. 
  • EXCLUSIVE: KYO! Is The Music Producer Behind Your Fave Artist’s Music
    Carrying on that legacy in an innovative way is KYO!, the newest up and coming music producer for our generation. The young music producer has been making beats for many years, his talents granting him the opportunity to work with many A-List artists. KYO!’s journey towards music began early, his focus initially on becoming an actual music artist—not the people producing their music.
  • Neosoul NURD Is The Soul Singer That Should Be On Your Playlist
    Promising community music stars aren’t to be overlooked or underplayed, especially when they possess the talent that Neosoul NURD does. Hailing from Leimert Park, Los Angeles, Neosoul NURD is a sweet-sounding Neo-soul songstress that has been producing enchanting music for the last few years. 
  • WOODSPOON: A Brazilian Food Gem In DTLA’s Fashion District
    Some of the best things are hidden within the borders of DTLA’s Fashion District, adding another layer of appeal to the sub-neighborhood of LA. Tucked away inside the hub of the Fashion District is WOODSPOON, one of DTLA’s hidden gems and best Brazilian eateries. 
  • Spencer. Is Holding It Down For Alt R&B: A Music Review
    Since 2016 Spencer. has been making quality music, beginning with his lyric-free 2016 EP STARCASTER, bringing new energy with each music release. Showing off his growth from 2016 with his 2018 EP VISCERAL LOVE, Spencer. breaks out of the producer-only role and delivers an indie R&B masterpiece. 

Fashion Beauty & Entertainment

  • Keith Powers And Ryan Destiny Split Up Just A Few Weeks Into 2022
    Actors Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers are concluding their four year relationship. The reasoning for the two’s separation is presumably amicable, Powers and Destiny both choosing to focus on their thriving careers amid their split, according to People.
  • Elmo’s Fame Grows On TikTok After His Savage Moments Start Trending
    Elmo is one of the hottest things in these TikTok streets ever since he went viral for saying ‘balsamic vinegar.’ With so much attention on Sesame Street’s veteran character, Elmo’s other viral-worthy moments are surfacing—adding to Elmo’s fame significantly.
  • Joey Bada$$ in 2022: Checks Tristan Thompson and Says a Album is OTW
    After five long years, rapper Joey Bada$$ finally will be blessing hip hop fans with a new album. Soon in 2022 the prolific Brooklyn bred rapper is going to add a new masterpiece to the hip hop genre, updating his album discography for the first time since 2017.
  • Billie Eilish Replaces Ariana Grande as Coachella’s Youngest Ever Headliner
    At the upcoming 2022 Coachella Music Festival Billie Eilish will headline, replacing Ariana Grande as the youngest person to ever headline Coachella. While Grande reached that achievement at 25, Eilish will reach that accomplishment at the age of 20. The amount of records Eilish has broken in her young years is incredible.
  • Elmo is Being Nicknamed Big El’ After Viral ‘Balsamic Vinegar’ Video
    Sesame Street’s most notable puppet has gotten the internet going bananas after a clip of him cheffin’ it up on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon goes viral. The six year old cooking segment’s resurgence is endearing, and shows a saucier side of Chef Elmo—no pun intended.
  • “What’s Poppin’ Rapper Jack Harlow Get His Own Poppin’ Holiday
    The What’s Poppin’ rapper has gotten so much hype from being his quirky self, to stopping his show for a fan in need that his popularity is now at an all time high. Jack Harlow’s popularity is so hefty that he now has his own day in his hometown Louisville, Kentucky.

Fashion & Swimsuit Feature

  • Zoom Has Redefined the Business Fashion Dress Code, Possibly For Good
    Notwithstanding everything that kept me up at night during the shutdown, like the status of my career, I found comfort in one silver lining that glimmered during a difficult point in time. No more formal business work attire, heck no more having to get dressed from the waist down if I didn’t feel like it because team meetings would now be on Zoom! 
  • Ladies, It’s Time to Stop Hiding Your “Tree of Life” Stretch Marks
    Supermodel Ashley Graham once again shows us what it means to have body self-acceptance. The relatable plus-size beauty never shies away from putting her “flaws” on full display, teaching others that there is nothing wrong with being perfectly imperfect. 
  • Japanese Streetwear is Still Booming in the Post-Harajuku Era
    There are a plethora of Japanese brands that are dedicated to providing you the ultimate outfits that are streetwear chic. Some Japanese brands are dedicated to serving you J hip hop and some are designed to accentuate your otaku aesthetic
  • The 5 Times Zendaya Earned Her CFDA Fashion Icon Award
    The “Euphoria” and “Malcolm & Marie” star is set to be the youngest to receive The CFDA Fashion Icon Award.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Beyoncé’s Partnership With Peloton
    Collaborating with the fitness brand Peloton, creators of the high-tech Peloton treadmills, Mrs. Knowles-Carter will be teaming her Adidas x Ivy Park label with the company to release a capsule collection. This is the first Peloton x Ivy Park collection, and consists of footwear and apparel. 
  • Telfar Teams Up With UGG and Moose Knuckles for the Fall/Winter Season
    The Telfar fashion line is ascending, slowly replacing other stylish brands in popularity. Building atop the newfound high demand for the Telfar brand, Telfar has collaborated with the iconic UGG fashion line alongside the high-end fashion brand Moose Knuckles for the Fall/Winter season.

Beauty & Hair Feature

  • These Three Fictional Television Characters Will Always Be #HairGoals
    Hair inspiration can be found anywhere, especially on television. Tuning into your favorite television series can give you ideas for new fashion looks and hairdo’s, influencing your overall flair. Among the countless fictional on-camera characters, there are only a few that have earned the #hairgoals label.
  • ‘Bridgerton’ Star Phoebe Dynevor Is The Latest Face For Charlotte Tilbury
    Actress Phoebe Dynevor lands a beauty campaign with the legendary makeup artist and beauty mogul Charlotte Tilbury for Tilbury’s new Beautiful Skin Foundation. Jumping into a new bag in the new year, Dynevor is exercising new business opportunities that extend beyond being on-screen.
  • Thanks Saweetie and Demi Lovato for Bringing Back Buzz Cuts For 2022
    Despite India.Arie trying to teach us all that we are not our hair, sometimes we still identify ourselves with our hair until we see others that don’t. Just as this year closes, new versions of Saweetie and Demi Lovato are popping—both now on team no hair don’t care.
  • Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Ava Phillipe Lands Pat McGrath Campaign
    Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillipe is booked and busy! Right after being tagged to star in Beyoncé’s Christmas inspired IVY Park X adidas collection “Halls of Ivy”, Phillipe secured her first beauty campaign with makeup mogul Pat McGrath.
  • Korean Perms Will Be The New Wave in 2022
    We are a long ways from the Just For Me $8 no-lye perm. 2022 is amongst us, and it’s  looking like the Korean perm is set to be around the same price as a monthly payment of a  2023 Toyota Camry (with a good credit of course). 
  • Hayley Williams of Paramore Launches New Hair Dye Line METALHEADS
    Hayley Williams debuted METALHEADS, the new metallic hair colors offered by the Good Dye Young brand, in early September. Consisting of five vibrant hair color options, ranging from fire red-orange to silver gray, METALHEADS is a bold semi-permanent hair dye that was created for the uninhibited and experimental. 

Film & Television

  • Drake Should Make An Appearance In The Upcoming ‘Degrassi’ Reboot
    Before there was Euphoria, there was Degrassi. The controversial and shock-worthy subject matter that was presented by the franchise has imprinted on an entire generation, gaining legendary status because of the innumerable OMG moments throughout the series. 
  • Paris Jackson Wants To Join The MCU as A ‘Superhero or Supervillain’
    Paris Jackson could be coming to the big screen soon in a super way, well at least that’s on Jackson’s bucket list. Recently the singer and actress revealed that she wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either as a superhero or supervillain
  • ‘Soul Food’ is a Classic Movie, But We Got Some Things Wrong About Teri
    With the holiday season underway an overload of holiday and/or family movies are  gonna flood our screens and remind us of the importance of family, and the greater  reminder of why we only see them once a year in the first place. Nothing jogs this feeling  more than when I re-watched the black cinematic classic, Soul Food (not the BET  version), something about watching it as a 30 year old single woman hits different.  
  • Issa Rae Lands The Role of Spider-Woman in New ‘Spider-Man’ Film
    Come 2022 Rae will be expanding her resume, and fiIm credits, portraying the one-and-only Spider-Woman in the forthcoming animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” sequel
  • ‘Rap God’ Eminem Makes An Acting Appearance on 50 Cent’s ‘BMF’
    50 Cent makes good television and even better songs for those television shows, and you can add aging Eminem backwards to his many employable skills. 
  • Zendaya Fuels Tom Holland Relationship Rumors In New Interview
    Zendaya, the leading lady in the latest Marvel Spider-Man film, lets the world into her rumored relationship with her costar and Spider-Man star Tom Holland. After the young Hollywood actors were caught making out in the car back in July, fans have been inquiring about the inside deets of their alleged romance.

Fun & Food

  • Oreos: You Can Dip Them, Lick Them and Air Fry Them
    There is practically nothing that you could do to Oreos to make them less appetizing—unless you were bent on doing so—however there are ways to enhance their deliciousness. According to the latest TikTok trend, if you air fry your Oreos you’ll take your cookie eating experience up a notch. 
  • Subway Has Revamped Their Menu—Relaunches Roast Beef
    Subway has a new revamped sub-sandwich menu that will fulfill all the foodie desires of the health conscious, and those that are just seeking flavorful subs. Over the years Subway has altered their menu, replacing and removing items while also maintaining their staple sandwiches.
  • Taco Bell Isn’t Just Adding Wings To Their Menu This Year
    Taco Bell and wings are two things that you probably thought would’ve never been mentioned in the same sentence. But of course in this twilight zone we call the 21st century ‘20’s time period, anything is possible. 
  • KFC and Chipotle Add New Tasty Meatless Goodies To Their Menus
    Joining the pack is KFC and Chipotle, each fast food restaurant now offering vegan meat options for ready consumers. The fried chicken and Latin food brand are kicking off 2022 right, advancing their menu to encompass vegan friendly choices. 
  • Omicron Surge Sparks Indoor Restaurant Dining Concerns: Is it Safe?
    The omicron variant of COVID-19 is causing cases to rise rapidly daily, making eating out to be a serious health risk.  
  • Mariah Carey Delights Fans With Her McDonald’s Merry Menu
    Maybe you don’t want a lot for Christmas. Maybe it’s just some food you need. Maybe you  only have to spend a dollar at McDonald’s and get something from Mariah Carey for free! McDonald’s latest collaboration is with the Queen of Christmas. Mariah Carey will be giving away 1 featured item from the menu when customers spend at least a dollar.

Dance Feature


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